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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Not only are Wraps of Hope Wraps functionally and structurally tops in the motorcycle head wrap category, but they are perhaps the most comfortable head wear on the market for patients undergoing chemo, radiation, or other hair loss disease. TotalWraps are available in solid colors, or adorned with magnificent jeweled design to enhance any outfit […]

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Feast or Famine

Boom- It’s riding season. Are you ready for your customers? Every year, it’s the same thing. Winter comes, spring comes, summer comes, then fall, then winter, and on and on. So what have you done to prepare for the season change? It’s now summer. Motorcycle riding is in full swing. Are you in a position […]

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It’s a New Year, Full of New Products and Great Deals

As 2013 begins, Royal Flush Sales is excited to represent the many manufacturer’s that trust me with their business. My new partnership to sell for Direct2Mfg (D2m) is fantastic and has opened the door to an unbelievable and fantastic opportunity to sell for top branded motorcycle gear companies. Traditionally, dealers are limited to only the top selling items […]

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