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Is Tucker Rocky simply cutting its bottom line, or taking itself into the future ahead of the competition? (Tucker Takes Bold Step in Digital Marketing, Joe Delmont, Dealer News Blog, April 28, 2010) Full article

Having been in sales for many years, and owning a business that is strictly face-to-face sales, my gut tells me, Tucker will save money in the short term, but lose money in the long term. It is one thing to provide as much information as possible to your clients, but another to lose the personal experience involved with face-to-face selling. I cannot do the proper job of adding value and the right mix of products to my dealers’ business, if I am not there in person to see who their customer is, and who they want to target for future growth. Being able to see what the dealer is doing, and what my competition is doing is crucial to doing the best job for my customer- end result, the consumer buys my product and comes back to the dealer time and time again. I cannot control all aspects of the dealers’ business strategy, but I can, through continued store visits, direct them and offer advice to profitably grow their business and attract new customers.

What Tucker is doing, will be of use to dealers who have time to surf the web.  My feeling is that the web based marketing will be of great use to the consumers, but that actual dealers and retailers will not have the time to surf through the multitude of videos and training media to find information on new and improved products.  Most dealers rely on a company or independent rep to give them specificdetails about items that will bring value to their business.  Not all products do well in all retail stores.  Clientele, geography, and other elements aid in dealers deciding to carry a product.  My experience is that dealers want to see what a product is doing somewhere else, or what it will do for them, before they will take on a new product. Therefore, without a dedicated sales force, in addition to the new media program Tucker Rocky is exploring, I cannot see this working. Besides, it is expensive to produce videos and other media, and to maintain the new website. Who pays for this? If passed on to the manufacturer, then the dealer/retailer and consumer ultimately pay for it.

I believe Tucker’s new media and You-Tube marketing ( will help the consumer more than the dealers and retailers.  In fact, it may give the consumer too much info, to the point they by-pass the dealer altogether, and do-it themselves (purchase online, replace and repair by self).  Maybe I am old school, but I still believe in face-to-face sales, where I can hear objections, comments, ideas, and offer value through my product offerings to the dealers and retailers for their consumers.  As always, your comments are welcome.


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Posted on: Friday, April 30th, 2010 at 12:55 pm

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