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2015 Will be the Year of the Lady Motorcycle Rider

I believe that 2015 will truly be the year of the rise of women motorcycling in the USA. The pieces are in place, all we will be able to do is sit back and watch…..or…..jump in and participate! I choose the latter.

I follow a lot of great motorcycle blogs, websites, periodicals, and Facebook groups. What I have noticed on each of these forums, is the increase of articles and participation of, by, and for women. New ladies are joining the forums daily. The majority of these women are new to motorcycling and appear to be reaching out to find other ladies to give advise on where to ride, where to buy gear, someone to ride with. I am amazed at the number of ladies who are avid riders. By avid, I mean they get out and ride every week. This means they need gear, and they know what they like or don’t like. What a wealth of information and knowledge for a manufacture to tap. Forward thinking Motorcycle Manufacturer’s and dealerships are reaching out to these ladies for input, testing, and helping spread the word of their parts, accessories, and apparel designed for women.

I remember when I took up hunting alongside my husband back in the late 70’s. At the time, there was virtually no camo apparel for women. I was rendered to wearing men’s jackets, pants, and even gloves and boots. In the motorcycle industry, it has been pretty much the same, except in the V-Twin market, where, with Harley-Davidson’s help, they figured out that women were a big part of motorcycling and have marketed apparel, mainly shirts and Tees to women for years. The rest of the industry has been slow to respond, but appear to be waking up, as the demand for relevant women’s gear rises.

All one has to do is search the word “motorcycle” or “women’s motorcycling” online, especially in Facebook, to see how big women’s involvement in the industry has become. There are hundreds of riding groups across the US. A few that stand out: Chrome Diva’s, Women in the Wind, Ribbon Riders, Steel Cowgirls, Women on Wheels.

In addition, there are multitudes of ladies events. The largest is The Female Ride Day, which is one of the most celebrated for lady riders. Daytona is looking at  making their event more friendly towards women riders this year. There are the Biker Belles at Sturgis and the new Steelhorse Sisterhood in CO.  Harley-Davidson holds  Ladies Garage Parties, which have been, and continue to be instrumental in the rise of women riders.

As dealers and retailers look for ways to grow their business and their profits, and to compete against the virtual store of the Internet, I believe they will see the opportunity for growth is the female rider. This realization, and their actions to it, will result in more local gear purchasing opportunity, and more rides and events designed for and around women. The gears are in motion and I believe 2015 will be the year of the lady rider.


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Posted on: Monday, March 2nd, 2015 at 10:58 am

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