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YouRide™ Socks

YouRide™ Socks-functional, foot forming, socks. So what’s the big deal? A sock is a sock, right? Wrong!!! I have to say this is the best sock I have worn with boots.

I did my own little test-

I wore the socks to my secondary job, which is at Kohl’s department stores where I walk about 2 to 3 miles per shift around the store changing sign toppers. I wore them with a pair of NEW boots that I needed to break in: this spelled disaster from the get go, but I knew if the socks really work as they claim, I would have happy comfortable feet at the end of the day. After Kohl’s, I proceeded to ride the motorcycle around the Salt Lake City area in about 100* heat, again, testing the limits of the socks with new boots. I didn’t take off the boots until 11:30 pm that same day. To my surprise, the socks were dry, no blisters, no odor. I had happy feet!

To make sure this wasn’t a fluke, I did the same experiment, only I wore a regular pair of socks with my boots. I still did my secondary job, and I rode around Salt Lake City in around 100* temperatures. When I arrived at home I couldn’t wait to take off the boots. I had developed a blister prior to leaving Kohl’s, which hurt every time I shifted gears. The socks were wet to touch when I took them off.

I immediately contacted the company to sign up to represent them so that other riders would have the opportunity to experience the YouRide™ difference.

The YouRide™ socks-

Made with Drirelease®, which dries 4X times faster than cotton and never feels clammy. Comes in crew length, with instep feature that keeps the sock in place and guarantees not to bunch in the bottom of the boot. It has a comfort band, and cushioned sole from heel to toe.

AND……YouRide™ is proudly MADE IN THE USA

YouRide™ provides great dealer margins. YouRide™ Socks come in white or charcoal and are unisex and three sizes: S- M- L.



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